The spikey edged foliage of Tilia henryana in detail
The spikey edged foliage of Tilia henryana in detail
Tilia henryana leaves
Medium Tilia henryana
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Tilia henryana

Henry's Lime

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This rarely seen Lime was discovered in China in 1888 by Augustine Henry.

It was introduced into the UK in 1901 by Ernest Wilson and for some reason is still heavily under grown.

We are bucking this trend and have been bulking up production numbers but have noticed that in young plants the growth tips can be frost sensitive so we advise sheltered sites for final placement.

Its ovate leaves are downy to the touch on both sides and edged with bristle-like teeth akin to the outer edges of a Venus Fly Trap.

A wonderfully ornamental lime it flowers in autumn and is a good choice for south facing parks and gardens within the milder parts of the UK.

Mature height: 12-17m


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Henry's Lime
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