Mature Taxus baccata planted in a church yard
Mature Taxus baccata planted in a church yard
1.5-2.0m 100L
Large standard
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Carbon Rating

Taxus baccata

English Yew, Common Yew, Yew

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PLEASE NOTE: The 1.5-2.0m specimens are supplied in 100L containers.

Taxus baccata, known as English Yew, is a versatile evergreen native tree that is often grown as a hedge.

Incredibly long lived, it is often associated with churchyard planting and rejuvenates itself remarkably well if pruned hard in the early spring.

It is worth noting that every part of Yew is poisonous, apart from the red flesh of the berry female plants produce, to humans and animals.

It is a common misconception that the entire berry is poisonous however, that said, we would still not advise you to eat them!

Like most evergreens it is not tolerant of waterlogged soils and thrives best on free draining lighter land. Great for gardens, there are plenty of gardeners who use this adaptable tree for topiary or formal columns and cones.

Taxus baccata can grow on either acidic or chalky soils so long as they are well drained.

Mature height: 7-12m

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English Yew, Common Yew, Yew
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