The fern like foliage of Tamarix Africana
The fern like foliage of Tamarix Africana
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Tamarix Africana

African Tamarisk, Salt Cedar

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Tamarix is a valuable tree for coastal sites and gardens withstanding the challenges of salt exposure and wind without issue, where many other species would suffer.

It can tolerate a range of soils from light, sandy and free draining to those which are clay based with some water retention.

A small growing tree, it can be expected to reach heights up to 7m in most locations but unlikely more.

A profuse covering of white/pink flowers are born in late spring bringing interest to the landscape after the classic blossom trees such as cherry and crab apple are over. If left unchecked, the Tamarix grows to have a light and open canopy with green conifer-like foliage however this tree is also a good candidate for pruning to promote a slightly denser and neater canopy if desired.

The Tamarix africana is closely related to the Tamarix gallica

Mature height: 3-7m

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African Tamarisk, Salt Cedar
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