Medium Sorbus aucuparia Asplenifolia
Medium Sorbus aucuparia Asplenifolia
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Sorbus aucuparia Asplenifolia

Cut-leaf Rowan, Cut-leaf Mountain Ash

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This tree has feathery, fern like, foliage which is deep green and finely cut around the edges, turning to a glorious orange-red in the autumn time.

In the spring time it has a display of creamy white flowers followed by clusters of red berries that are a favourite with wild birds.

Sorbus aucuparia Asplenifolia is a medium sized tree which forms a broadly pyramidal shaped crown if the central leader is retained.

As a young tree, like many Rowans, it displays a fairly upright shape, which broadens with time. It is an extremely tough tree which will readily thrive on most soils, including those which are acidic.

This pretty tree is suitable for planting in gardens and parklands and compliments planting schemes where a softer feel is required.

It is a tree which is attractive and large enough to become a statement specimen, yet has a native feel that enables it to be planted fairly inconspicuously on a boundary with other native trees.

There are very few trees which are cut leaved and this one is a wonderful addition to the short list of them!

If you live in an area prone to rabbits or deer then we recommend rabbit guards for these trees.

Mature height: 12-17m

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Cut-leaf Rowan, Cut-leaf Mountain Ash
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