The glossy green leaves of Salix daphnoides
The glossy green leaves of Salix daphnoides
Medium Salix daphnoides multi stem
Small Salix daphnoides multi stem
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Carbon Rating

Salix daphnoides multi stem

Violet Willow

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The foliage of the Violet Willow is bright green and has a glossy, waxy coating.

The leaf shape is similar to most willows, being slender and pointed and turn a golden yellow in the autumn time.

The catkins appear in the spring time and contrast markedly with the bright purple-violet stems.  

Native to Northern Europe Central Asia and the Himalayas this lovely tree was introduced into the UK in the late 1820s and won the Award of Merit in 1957.

The Violet Willow is an excellent choice for coppicing to show off its sensational purple-violet shoots overlaid with a white bloom.

Coppicing or pollarding has the capability to manage the ultimate height of this pretty tree, Pruning such as this is best done during the winter time when the trees are not in leaf. The Violet Willow is therefore a great candidate for smaller gardens that have wet soil. Mature Height: 7-12m

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Violet Willow
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