Medium Salix alba Liempde
Medium Salix alba Liempde
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Salix alba Liempde

White Willow Liempde

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Salix alba Liempde is a Dutch, male cultivar of the native, White Willow, that was selected in the Netherlands in the late 1960’s.

This White Willow exhibits the foliage of its parent, having leaves which are small, slender and pointy with a distinctly silver underside. 

In the autumn the leaves fall a clear yellow before falling; Willows tend to lose their leaves quite early in autumn so do not be alarmed if you notice this happening.

The most significant difference between this cultivar and its parent is that it has upright branches, which for a narrow, conical shaped tree.

Like all Willows Salix alba Liempde is a vigorous grower, and whilst it can tolerate a range of soil types, it prefers wet soil and thus if the soil is very well drained you should consider this before planting a Willow, or indeed adjust your watering regime accordingly.  

This tree can also tolerate some coastal exposure and salt laden wind.

This White Willow makes a large tree at maturity, so care should be taken when considering a planting spot for this mighty specimen in order to afford it enough space to reach its full potential. 

For those who have a wet soil, but do not want a large tree, it is worth noting that like all Willows Salix alba Liempde is a good subject for routine pollarding or pruning, as they tolerate this treatment well. 

It is best done in the winter months, when the tree is not in leaf and you can be fairly brutal as Willow has an amazing propensity for regeneration and growth.

Mature Height: 20m+

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White Willow Liempde
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