The trunk of a mature Turners Oak planted at Kew
The trunk of a mature Turners Oak planted at Kew
Mature Quercus x turnerii Pseudoturneri
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating

Quercus x turnerii Pseudoturneri

Turners Oak

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Quercus turnerii Pseudoturneri known as Turners Oak, was bred in Essex in the 18th century, and can be regarded as a semi evergreen as it holds on to a good proportion of its leaves throughout the winter unless temperatures dip into negative for prolonged periods.

Green leaves emerge in the spring to replace the old that then soon drop.

Thriving on most well drained ground, Quercus turnerii Pseudoturneri will also happily grow on chalky soils.

It makes a great small specimen for a large garden or parkland, rarely seen above 12 metres at maturity.

Mature height: 7-12m

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Turners Oak
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