The acorns and foliage of Quercus suber in detail
The acorns and foliage of Quercus suber in detail
Quercus suber on the row at the Barcham Trees nursery
The corky, fissured bark of a mature Quercus suber
The corky, fissured bark of a maturing Quercus suber
Quercus Suber

Quercus Suber

Cork Oak

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Introduced in the late 1690s the Cork Oak is a native of southern Europe and North Africa so in the UK it is best suited to the warmer south.

Until it gets beyond semi-mature it is often buoyed up by a thick bamboo cane by nurseries to support the weak stem.

Our advice is never accept one unless it is strong enough to support itself.

Widely grown in Spain and Portugal for the wine industry it is resistant to British frosts.

It is a short stemmed wide rounded evergreen tree.

Its thick and craggy bark can provide outstanding interest in a garden and it tends to thrive better on free draining soils.

Mature height: 7-12m

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