Mature Quercus patraea
Mature Quercus patraea
A row of Welsh Oak trees on the Barcham tree nursery
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Quercus petraea

Sessile Oak, Cornish Oak, Durmast Oak, Welsh Oak

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Quercus petraea, also known as Sessile or Welsh Oak, is one of two Oaks that are native to the UK. 

It has been designated as the Welsh national tree, hence can be referred to as the Welsh Oak, and was awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2002.

The Sessile Oak has leaves that are broad for an Oak and evenly lobed. They are very similar to that of Quercus robur and as such easily confused for the Pedunculate, English Oak.

In autumn time the leaves turn brown before falling, and flowers appear as small green catkins in the spring, with the fruit, an acorn, developing over 6 months following this.

The significant differences from the English Oak include leaves that are stalked and acorns that are stalk-less (sessile) hence the common name.

Quercus petraea also has slightly different soil and climatic preferences to Quercus robur; it is a useful choice for coastal locations and will tolerate acid soils. 

It tends to be more prevalent towards the West of the UK where there is higher rainfall.

This lovely tree is a favourite with wildlife, and like the English Oak plays host to an array of different invertebrates and animals. 

It is best planted with plenty of space to reach its full potential.

Great for avenues and specimen tree planting.

Mature height: 20m+

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Sessile Oak, Cornish Oak, Durmast Oak, Welsh Oak
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