Quercus ilex feathered
Quercus ilex feathered

Quercus ilex feathered

Holm Oak

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Evergreen Oak is a very versatile plant and can be grown as a full standard tree or even topiary but in this case we grow it as a half standard stocky tree with a clear stem height of about 1 metre and a bushy oval crown.

Generally speaking, the more branches down the stem of a tree, the better it is to cope with strong winds and exposed locations as each limb acts as a wind diffuser to stabilize its structure.

Quercus ilex low crown thrives best on lighter soils that are free draining.

Like most evergreen trees it dislikes waterlogged ground.

Best pruned, if ever required, in March. We collect our seeds for this tree from the Holkham Estate in North Norfolk so you can be sure its providence is strong and very in tune with UK conditions.

Ideal for stilted screening in a garden where evergreen privacy is needed or as a stand-alone specimen tree in parkland.

Mature height: 20m+

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Holm Oak
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