The Pears of Pyrus Beurre Hardy
The Pears of Pyrus Beurre Hardy
Medium Pyrus Beurre Hardy
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Pyrus Beurre Hardy

Fruiting Pear Beurre Hardy

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Pyrus Beurre Hardy is a strong growing pear which produces fruit that has a distinctive, sweet flavour. 

The fruit can be served as a dessert or eaten straight from the tree.

The flowers of this lovely pear tree are small, single and white and appear early in the spring.

The foliage follows the flower display, with glossy bright green leaves that turn a glorious red in the autumn time.

The abundant, large fruits start to develop throughout the summer period, they are greenish yellow and flushed with a russet red.

Pyrus Beurre Hardy produces a rounded crown at maturity; it will tolerate most soil conditions, providing they are free draining and performs best in a sunny, sheltered aspect.

At Barcham, we grow the Beurre Hardy Pear as a full standard, with a 1.8m clear stem, the perfect height for picking the pears off of the hanging boughs of the tree as it matures. 

It is a self sterile Pear and thus should be planted with a pollination partner to guarantee fruit.

Pyrus communis Conference or Pyrus Doyenne du Comice will act as a pollination partner for Beurre Hardy, plus a range of other fruiting Pears.

Pear trees are a wonderful addition to any small garden or classic parkland, bringing fantastic year round ornamental qualities, and fruit!

If you live in an area prone to rabbits or deer then we recommend rabbit guards for these trees.

Mature Height: 3-7m

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