Portuguese Laurel Tree
Portuguese Laurel Tree
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Prunus lusitanica bush

Portuguese Laurel

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Very popular as a garden hedging plant, Prunus lusitanica bush is not seen as regularly as Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia but in many eyes it is a prettier option.

We have kept a lovely 2m hedge using this plant at Barcham that we routinely prune once a year in the spring.

The leaves are smaller than other laurel so when pruned by a hedge cutter the damage is less telling before a new flush of leaves takes over.

Thriving on most free draining soils, Prunus lusitanica bush will benefit by a general purpose fertilizer in the spring to enhance leaf colour and plant vitality. If it is pruned between September and March you will deprive it of its ability to feed so beware!

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Portuguese Laurel
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