The ripening fruit of Prunus Victoria
The ripening fruit of Prunus Victoria
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Prunus domestica Victoria

Victoria Plum

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Prunus Victoria is a well known fruiting Plum which produces a super display of both flower and fruit each year.

This reliable, edible Plum produces a pretty display of small white flowers in the spring that are followed by dark green foliage. In the autumn, the pale red/ flesh coloured fruits are produced plentifully.

At Barcham Trees we produce our fruit trees with a clear stem of 1.8-2m, allowing the crown of the tree to develop at a height that is suitable for harvesting, yet without taking up too much space lower down.  At maturity this tree will develop an oval shaped crown.

Prunus Victoria is self-fertile, this means that it does not need a pollination partner to produce fruit. It is also able to pollinate other trees in the same "Opal" flowering group.

Like other trees in the Prunus Genus, this tree prefers to be planted on free draining, nutritious soil. Heavy clay or chalk soils should be avoided and an area of 1m from the stem clear of grass and competition will help the tree produce the best fruiting results.

Mature Height: 3-7m  

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Victoria Plum
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