Populus nigra

Black Poplar, Water Poplar

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Populus nigra is a Poplar native to Europe and Western Asia; it is a species of Cottonwood Poplar that is now rarely found in England and Europe. This tree has triangle to diamond shaped leaves that are green on both surfaces. 

The trees produce either female or male flowers and therefore need to be pollinated by the wind for fertilisation to occur. The bark of mature specimens is gnarled and burred and has twigs that are hairless throughout.

In order to find Populus nigra available commercially again in the UK and indeed planted in the landscape, Barcham have been involved in a project to propagate native Black Poplar from male and female trees in Essex. This project is now producing Medium sized trees for sale and hence these are now available on our website.

At maturity the Black Poplar forms a large, round headed tree which suits the natural landscape of the UK well. 

It is a tough specimen that will tolerate exposed conditions and water logging, making it very good for shelterbelt planting, woodlands and parks.

Mature Height: 20m+

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Black Poplar, Water Poplar
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