The foliage of Populus alba in detail
The foliage of Populus alba in detail
Populus alba on the Barcham Trees nursery
Medium-sized White Poplar trees on the Barcham Trees nursery
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating
Medium sized Populus alba on the nursery

Populus alba

White Poplar

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Populus alba, commonly known as White Poplar, is a versatile tree that has long been naturalised in the UK. Its stunning silver/green leaves create a beautiful sight, especially on breezy days against a blue sky. This suckering tree thrives in wet soils but can quickly outgrow a garden, so it's best suited for parkland or along riverbanks.

It exhibits dioecious characteristics, meaning male and female flowers are found on separate trees. The flowers, appearing as catkins, are wind-pollinated, with male catkins being red and female catkins yellow-green. After fertilisation, female catkins transform into soft, cotton-like seeds that disperse during late summer.

Native to central and southern Europe, as well as Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula, White Poplar is incredibly resilient, and able to grow in various environments, including coastal regions. Its foliage turns a striking yellow in autumn, adding to its visual appeal. With proper pruning, it can be shaped into a shorter, multi-stemmed tree, making it suitable for smaller gardens and spaces while allowing its foliage to be fully displayed.

Mature Height: 20-25m

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White Poplar
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