A mature specimen of Pinus nigra Austriaca in a parkland environment
A mature specimen of Pinus nigra Austriaca in a parkland environment
The mature fissued bark of Pinus nigra Austriaca
Instant clear stem Pinus nigra Austriaca
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Pinus nigra Austriaca

Austrian Pine, Black Pine

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Pinus nigra Austriaca is an extremely hardy evergreen tree that will tolerate a range of tough and exposed conditions; it was introduced into the UK in the mid 1830’s.

The foliage of this evergreen consists of double needles that are greener and longer than the well known Scots Pine. 
The foliage growth is also much denser than the native favourite and it retains its well furnished, juvenile form for much longer too.

Pinus nigra Austriaca forms a pyramidal shape at maturity and will thrive on a whole range of soil conditions, including even chalky soils; it will not tolerate waterlogging.

This stalwart evergreen has long been associated with planting in exposed and coastal areas, belonging to a group of select few that do not mind being blasted by salt laden winds. 

It therefore makes the perfect selection for shelterbelt planting and protection from the sea; it is amazing how wonderfully the foliage of an Austrian Pine can dissipate the power from the wind on a blustery day.

Whilst the Austrian Pine is a great choice for coastal locations, beware that it does have a considerable eventual size, reaching over 20m in height at maturity. 

It should therefore be planted where space allows and at distances that will cope with the magnitude of this specimen at maturity.

Mature Height: 20m+

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Austrian Pine, Black Pine
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