Photinia fraseri Red Robin pleached

Pleached Christmas Berry, Pleached Photinia, Pleached Red Robin

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Photinia fraseri Red Robin is a useful evergreen tree that has deep green leaves which emerge a bright red colour, before hardening off in the sunshine to green.

This bright red flush occurs in the spring and often once again in the autumn and can be encouraged to be striking by a routine prune to encourage new growth development.

The creamy white flowers appear in spring and are an unusual annual occurrence for an evergreen tree, it contrasts magnificently with the emerging red leaves.

These Pleached specimens have been trained onto frames, making them perfect for high level screening. The clear stem is 1.8-2m high, with a frame on the top of 1.2m x1.2m square. 

Planted at 1.2m centres, these pleached trees form an immediate continuous screen, or stilted hedge, without encroaching too much into the lateral space of a garden. 

These pretty evergreen specimens are the perfect tree of choice for this purpose and offer much more in the way of ornamental delight to those who plant them than the utilitarian evergreen specimens such as Tree Privets.

To form a good and immediate impact upon planting, Medium sized trees should be planted at 1.2m + centres, the further apart they become the longer it will take for a full screen to develop.

Regular pruning of a stilted screen is necessary to ensure density is maintained. With Photinia on a Pleached frame, this can be achieved by simply pruning into shape or for the more ambitious gardeners out there, tying the branches into the shape of the frame. 

It is important to note that whilst you can still achieve some upward growth on these trees, because they have been trained onto a frame, it will take a little more time to reach the upper mature height of 5-7m than the standard specimens.

Mature Height: 3-7m

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Pleached Christmas Berry, Pleached Photinia, Pleached Red Robin
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Pleached tree
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