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The crown of a Photinia Red Robin in full flower
The red new flush of foliage of Photinia Red Robin in detail
The stunning white flower of Photinia Red Robin in detail
The new, red growth on Photinia
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Carbon Rating
Half standard
Medium Photinia Red Robin 2022
Half standard Photinia Red Robin 2022
Instant sized Photinia Red Robin 2022

Photinia fraseri Red Robin

Christmas Berry, Photinia, Red Robin

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This evergreen tree has deep green leaves which emerge a bright red colour, before hardening off in the sunshine to green.

This bright red flush occurs in the spring and often once again in the autumn and can be encouraged to be striking by a routine prune to encourage new growth development.

The creamy white flowers appear in spring and are an unusual annual occurrence for an evergreen tree, it contrasts magnificently with the emerging red leaves.

Photinia Red Robin is well known as a garden shrub that was bred in New Zealand, winning the Award of Garden Merit in 2002.

At Barcham we choose to grow this species as a true tree with a clear stem and over time it develops a rounded, mop head type crown.

This small evergreen beauty is the perfect tree of choice for stilted hedging and offers much more in the way of ornamental delight to those who plant them than the utilitarian Tree Privets.

To form a good and immediate impact upon planting, Medium sized trees should be planted at 1.2m + centres, the further apart they thus become the longer it will take for a full screen to develop.

The Half Standard specimens are perfect for boundary definition or low stilted hedging.

Regular pruning of a stilted screen is necessary in ensuring density is maintained and when pruning Photinia Red Robin it is worth remembering that they need a little more tender loving care than the Tree Privet and thus it is best to prune using shears, rather than with something as harsh as a hedge trimmer.

Mature Height: 3-7m  

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Christmas Berry, Photinia, Red Robin
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