Osmanthus armathus tree
Osmanthus armathus tree
Osmanthus armathus
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Carbon Rating

Osmanthus armathus

Holly Olive, Devilwood

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Originally from China and introduced into the UK in the early 1900s, this evergreen makes a small tree that is ideal for stilted screening above fence height.

It glossy broadly oval leaves and slightly fragrant white autumn flowers give year round interest.

Osmanthus armathus thrives on most free draining soils but may lose leaves in the severest of winters so it is best grown in a sunny aspect with protection against biting winter winds.

We grow this small tree with a 1.8m clear stem to match most walls and fences and an oval evergreen crown to give privacy from overlooking houses and extensions.

It can be grown close to buildings as it can be also classified as a large shrub and wont attain the height to be a problem for foundations.

Mature height: 3-5m

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Common names
Holly Olive, Devilwood
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