The cerise pink flower of Magnolia Susan in detail
The cerise pink flower of Magnolia Susan in detail
Magnolia Susan in full flower on the Barcham Trees nursery
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Magnolia Susan

Susan Magnolia, Magnolia

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Susan is a stunning, small growing Magnolia tree which produces a deep pink-purple flower. 

It is one of the “Little girl hybrids” that were developed at the US National Arboretum from 1955-56, they are known for their impressive floral display.

This pretty Magnolia has numerous tulip shaped flowers; they are slender and appear upright on the tree, opening cerise pink in colour around April.  The medium sized, mid green leaves are lustrous and appear on the tree after the floral display, remaining until the autumn when they tend to turn yellow before falling.

Magnolia Susan is often grown as a narrow shrub, however at Barcham we produce this pretty, small growing, Magnolia as a small tree. 

Medium specimens have a short clear stem of around 90cm, and a compact crown, which remains tight and pyramidal as the tree matures. 

Magnolias in general have a preference for free draining, slightly acidic soil, and this pretty tree is no exception to this, however it will also perform well on neutral and slightly alkaline soil.

This fantastic little tree is an absolute treasure; there are very few gardens that would not benefit from the cheery colour and delightful compact shape of this Magnolia! 

To prolong flowering in your garden, where space allows, why not consider planting Amelanchier, Malus and Crataegus to compliment Magnolia Susan, taking flowering from early Spring to early Summer! 

Mature Height: 3-7m

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Susan Magnolia, Magnolia
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