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A mature specimen of Ligustrum lucidum Variegata in London Ligustrum lucidum Variegata on the row of the Barcham Trees nursery
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Ligustrum lucidum Excelsum Superbum

Variegated Tree Privet

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How big are Barcham trees?


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Medium trees usually have a clear stem approximately 2m from ground level, and canopy approximately 80cm-1m. Overall supply height c. 3m. 

This tree has foliage similar to Ligustrum japonicum and lucidum; long and pointed leaves which have golden margins framing them.

In the milder areas of the Southern UK, Ligustrum lucidum Excelsum Superbum is considered to be an evergreen specimen and will only lose its leaves in the harshest of winters.

In autumn time, it bears creamy white flowers which are displayed in clusters and are a welcome addition to this largely functional tree.

Ligustrum lucidum Excelsum Superbum is a tough performing tree that will thrive on most soils, although it is best to avoid water logged areas. Like its green counterpart, this Chinese Privet is a good choice for planting as a stilted hedge, or raised screen.

We grow Ligustrum lucidum Excelsum Superbum as a full standard, with a clear stem of around 2m and a top worked crown. The crown can be used to form an effected screen above the fence line, with the stems taking up very little recreation space in the garden.

At Barcham we are often quizzed about appropriate planting distance, however this very much depends upon budget and overall immediate impact of the project; in truth the trees will tolerate being planted at 1.2m centres + and usually somewhere between 1.2m and 2m centres is ideal to balance an adequate level of screening with budget.

Regular trimming is recommended to maintain shape and prevent the tree from becoming too woody. Pruning is best understaken in late spring/early summer, after the last frost and ideally before the end of July, so all new growth has a chance to harden off before the winter. 

Unlike many other trees Ligustrum japonicum (privet) tree will tolerate this type of maintenance being performed simply with a hedge trimmer and is therefore a perfect tree for novices!

Mature height: 3-7m

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Variegated Tree Privet
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