Lagerstroemia indica Rosea on the Barcham Trees nursery in flower
Lagerstroemia indica Rosea on the Barcham Trees nursery in flower
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Lagerstroemia indica Rosea

Pink Crape Myrtle

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Lagerstroemia indica Rosea is an interesting small tree native to both China and Korea.

This attractive tree has small and rounded dark green leaves that turn to a flame red in the autumn time. The bark is simply stunning; it is mottled with grey and pink colours and adopts a smooth looking appearance following shedding of its outer bark each year.

The flowers are equally as pretty and appear in late summer following a previous warm summer; they are a deep rose pink colour and have crimped petals that are evocative of tissue paper.

Lagerstromia indica Rosea forms a small tree at maturity with a rounded, yet somewhat flat topped crown. It is not a totally hardy selection of Crape Myrtle and is therefore best suited to planting in areas which are South facing and sheltered.

Over the last decade much has changed with the UK weather patterns and as such we are now more regularly seeing this specimen bearing flower during our summer periods.

Despite the fact 20 years ago this tree was only considered half hardy, it is now fast being recognised as a great choice of garden tree for the South of the UK.

A super tree for adding winter stem interest and architectural structure, in conjunction with great autumn colour and periodic summer flower.

Mature height: 3-7m

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Pink Crape Myrtle
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