The foliage of Ilex aquifolium Aregentea Marginata in detail
The foliage of Ilex aquifolium Aregentea Marginata in detail
Mature  Ilex aquifolium Aregentea Marginata
Ilex aquifolium Argentea Marginata size small
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Ilex aquifolium Argentea Marginata

Variegated Holly, Broad Leaved Silver Holly

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Ilex aquifolium Argentea Marginata is a free-fruiting, female variegated holly that won the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2002.

This pretty Variegated Silver Holly has the characteristic wavy margin to the leaves which is often associated with Holly varieties; as the name suggests, the leaf margin is variegated, exhibiting a distinct creamy edge. 

This Holly is female and produces a good crop of bright red berries that contrast fantastically with the brightly coloured foliage. These berries will remain on the tree throughout the winter, until they are gradually depleted by wildlife. 

In addition, the new foliage of this evergreen displays a pink tinge, further adding to the appeal of this small evergreen. For berry production, this Holly needs to be planted in the vicinity of a male Holly variety.

Ilex aquifolium Argentea Marginata is a slow growing Holly which will remain pyramidal in shape at maturity. 

Like all hollies, it will tolerate partial shade and prefers to be planted in well drained soils; it will not tolerate water logging. 

With its dramatic coloured foliage and bright berry display, this specimen is idea for border planting in small gardens and makes a great hedge.

It is also a good specimen option, however as we only grow this as a feathered Small bush at Barcham, it would not be the best choice for screening.

Mature Height: 3-7m

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Variegated Holly, Broad Leaved Silver Holly
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