Rose of Sharon Tree Half standard
Rose of Sharon Tree Half standard
Hibiscus Resi in full flower mid July
The whiter shade of the Hibiscus Resi flower
Hibiscus resi
Example of medium half standard
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Carbon Rating

Hibiscus resi

Rose of Sharon

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This parmutabilis and syriacus cross has leaves that more resemble a field maple rather than Hibiscus but its floral display is unmistakeable.

Large lilac / pink blooms are produced much earlier than more traditionally planted Hibiscus syriacus varieties and first emerge in July.

The trick with Hibiscus is to prune back heavily in the winter as this encourages more spring growth. As the flowers are borne on new season wood you get more flowers for a greater period of time if the crown is reduced by up to 50% every winter when the tree is dormant.

This tree can also give you a surprise! Some years, when conditions are favourable the flower colour can vary to white with a dark throat. It is unknown whether this is soil or temperature related and sometimes both pink and white flowers can be present on the same tree.

In all cases the show is amazing and this striking tree is a must for a small garden.

Hibiscus x Resi thrives on most free draining soils but benefits from a top dressing of general fertilizer every spring to enhance flower size and vigour.

For glorious large blooms this tree is difficult to beat in a small garden.

Mature height: 3-5m  

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Rose of Sharon
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