Hamamelis Arnold Promise in flower, planted in our car park
Hamamelis Arnold Promise in flower, planted in our car park
The flowers of Hamamelis Arnold Promise in detail
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Hamamelis x intermedia Arnold Promise

Witch hazel Arnold Promise

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Hamamelis x intermedia Arnold Promise, commonly known as Witch hazel, is a profusely yellow flowering clone that was raised at the Arnold Arboretum in the USA.

This small, shrub like tree produces small, bright yellow, crinkly flowers with red centres in late winter, persisting sometimes for 4-8 weeks and into the spring.

It is a welcome reminder that spring is on its way and looks stunning in the frost, which does not cause too much damage to these pretty flowers. The foliage is mid green and appears in spring, persisting until it turns to reds and oranges in the autumn time.

At Barcham, we grow Hamamelis x intermedia Arnold Promise as a multi stemmed bush, this makes the most of this profuse flowering tree from the ground level upwards. 

Whilst it will tolerate most soil conditions, it performs best on well drained, light and acidic soils. Witch hazel provide well poised colour in the winter and as such make a great addition to a winter border combined with other stalwart winter performers such as Dogwood and Himalayan Birch.

This specimen is extremely versatile, being perfect for small gardens right through to border planting on estates; this little beauty will brighten up any area in which it is planted!

Mature height: 3-5m

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Witch hazel Arnold Promise
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