Fagus sylvatica

Common Beech, European Beech

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Fagus sylvatica is one of the most majestic of our native trees, the Common Beech (also known as the European beech) can become very large with its low branched habit.

Beech trees thrive just about anywhere other than exposed and coastal locations. As Fagus sylvatica is shallow rooted, under planting is not recommended.

The leaves of Fagus sylvatica are yellow to green in spring and a rich russet brown in autumn. The small green spring flowers are wind pollinated and produce a 3 sided beech "mast" nut within a spiky outer casing.

It does well in most reasonably fertile, well drained soils, except heavy clay or light sand. Fagus sylvatica tends to favour more temperate climates and is difficult to establish when faced with extreme heat and drought.

With this in mind avoid planting in paved or tarmac areas where reflected heat and light makes Beech suffer.

It has a wide range of uses – in woodland, parkland and in broad verge plantings – few trees can surpass its rich, copper autumn foliage.

The Medium sized specimens will be supplied with the lower branches still on the trunk and can therefore be used for instant hedging purposes.

Why do some trees hold onto their dead leaves?

Mature height: 20m+

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Common Beech, European Beech
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