Davidia involucrata on the rows of the Barcham Trees nursery
Davidia involucrata on the rows of the Barcham Trees nursery
The white flowers of Davidia involucrata
Davidia involucrata
The fruits of Davidia involucrata
Medium Handkerchief Tree, Dove Tree from this batch
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Davidia involucrata

Handkerchief Tree, Dove Tree

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A stunning tree that produces intriguing flowers that are brilliantly unique!

This pretty tree is known as both the Handkerchief Tree or Dove Tree, owing to its interestingly shaped flowers.

The unique Davidia involucrata was discovered in China by Père David in 1869 and introduced to the UK in 1904.

The flowers is produces are truly one of the great beauties of the plant world! The variety vilmoriniana is often specified but there is little or nothing to choose between this and its parent.

The name of this tree is so designated due to the large handkerchief like flowers that are adorn mature trees in May, followed by large, oval fruits in autumn. The bright green leaves are similar to that of Lime and emerge at a similar time to the flower.

Davidia involucrata is a broadly pyramidal tree, of medium to large size at maturity. It thrives best on deep fertile soil and prefers to be planted in a fairly sheltered position.

Whilst this superb tree is a must have for those of you that would like something unusual in your planting scheme, it is worth noting that flowering can take 15-20 years to occur and thus this tree does involve some investment in time on your part!

It is therefore best planted by the patient, in an area where its beauty can be appreciated in years to come.

The trees we supply here are 5-7 years old and can therefore give some head start from a flowering perspective!

Mature height: 7-12m

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Handkerchief Tree, Dove Tree
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