2.0-2.5m 100L container
2.0-2.5m 100L container
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating

Cupressus sempervirens

Pencil Cedar, Pencil Pine, Italian Cypress, Tuscan Cypress, Graveyard Cypress

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Cupressus sempervirens, as its common name Pencil Cedar suggests, is a wonderfully narrow conifer which is planted readily across the Mediterranean.

The Pencil Cedar or Italian Cypress is widely planted in Tuscany and if you are to ever visit this region; their architectural structural will leave you with a lasting impression of how beautiful this tree truly is. 

Interesting this conifer is not native to Italy; it has simply been widely cultivated there for a very long time. This tree is naturalised mainly in Western Turkey. The wood of the Pencil Cedar is fragranced and in the past was used for lining drawers to keep clothing smelling sweet, indeed the doors of St Peter’s Basilica, in the Vatican City, Rome, are also made of Italian Cypress wood. In cosmetics, this tree is used as astringent, anti-seborrheic, anti-aging and as a fragrance.

Cupressus sempervirens does best on nutrient rich, deep soil and will not perform to its best ability in the UK if planted in exposed or cold areas, truly preferring the hot, arid summers of central Europe. 

That said urban gardens, courtyards and very formal, sheltered planting schemes will make the most of this architectural beauty in the UK.

Mature Height:7-12m

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Common names
Pencil Cedar, Pencil Pine, Italian Cypress, Tuscan Cypress, Graveyard Cypress
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