Cupressus arizonica Glauca on the Barcham Trees nusery
Cupressus arizonica Glauca on the Barcham Trees nusery
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Cupressus arizonica Glauca

Smooth Arizona Cypress, Blue Arizona Cypress

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Cupressus arizonica Glauca is a striking selection of Arizona Cypress which is native to South East America.

Like most conifers, the foliage is scale like and small and in this case of this pretty specimen blue in colour and deeply fragrant. 

At maturity the bark of this Smooth Arizona Cypress is brown in colour and flakes distinctly.  In the spring small, rounded cones are evident and swell in size as spring progresses.

Cupressus arizonica Glauca is a densely foliaged conifer, a useful evergreen for screening where space allows.  The crown grows with a dominant central leader, producing a pyramidal shape as the tree matures.

This conifer is a particularly contrasting colour and works well in gardens where there is much basic green already present in the planting. 

It will reach significant height at maturity, so whilst it is smaller growing than some other conifers, care should be taken to plant only on sites which can accommodate such scale. 

This tree will tolerate a range of soil conditions and can also be planted as a hedge for screening.

Mature Height: 12-17m

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Smooth Arizona Cypress, Blue Arizona Cypress
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