A mature specimen of Cryptomeria japonica Elegans in a parkland environment
A mature specimen of Cryptomeria japonica Elegans in a parkland environment
Cryptomeria japonica Elegans on the row at the Barcham Trees nursery
Small Japanese Ceder from this batch
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Cryptomeria japonica Elegans

Japanese Cedar

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This funky tree has foliage with interesting texture and a feathery-like appearance; it is hard to pass one resisting the urge to have a “feel” of the soft looking foliage!

Unlike most conifers which tend to be fairly static throughout the year, this tree gives a super show throughout the winter, turning from a bright green to purple-bronze during the winter. At this point many people are somewhat concerned and make a call to us, but do not fear this is all part of the charm of this tree!

Cryptomeria japonica was introduced from Japan in 1854; it grows to between 3-7m at maturity and can often reach as wide as it is tall.

It is a useful small tree which is a consistent performer and tolerates all soils, however it does prefer the planting area to be well drained.

This unusual tree is a super choice for gardens; small, evergreen, bushy, interesting all year round and easy to maintain, what more could one want from a tree! It is particularly useful for planting schemes that require a winter focus to brighten up the long winter months, at which point it would contrast wonderfully with anything light in colour; plants such as Birch, or landscaping features such as a stone wall.

This tree is difficult to identify, so is the perfect tree to impress your friends and neighbours with, as it is unlikely they will have an answer to your “guess what?”.

Mature height: 3-7m

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Japanese Cedar
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