Mature Crataegus lavalleei Carrierei planted in a church gardens
Mature Crataegus lavalleei Carrierei planted in a church gardens
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Crataegus x lavalleei Carrierei

Hawthorn Carrierei

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This pretty, small hawthorn is of garden origin, dating from around 1870. It won the Award of Garden Merit in both 1924 and 2002.

Crataegus x lavalleii Carrierei has leaves that are broad and very dark green for a Hawthorn, they are glossy and almost evergreen looking, producing coverage which is quite dense and can thus be useful for screening.

The flowers are creamy white and hang in clusters from May onwards. The orange-red haws appear in the autumn time and are long lasting, often right through winter, contrasting well with the dark foliage when they appear. This lovely tree also has the potential to produce some great autumn colour inautumns where temperatures drop early.

This small Hawthorn forms a mature tree that has a small and compact crown which is densely covered, that and the fact the foliage can last through to December make it a useful choice for screening.

Like most Hawthorns, this tree is a touch contender, tolerating wind and a certain amount of salt laden air on the coast too. It will perform well on most soils, including very dry and wet conditions.

Crataegus x lavalleii Carrierei is a useful garden tree, providing all year round interest.

It can be planted as part of a mixture, as well as making an equally beautiful specimen tree.

Mature height: 3-7m

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Hawthorn Carrierei
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