A mature specimen of Corylus colurna in a parkland environment
A mature specimen of Corylus colurna in a parkland environment
A mature specimen of Corylus colurna in a parkland environment
The leaves of Corylus colurna in detail
Medium Turkish Hazel from this batch
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Corylus colurna

Turkish Hazel

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Corylus colurna, also known as the Turkish Hazel, is a stately and imposing tree at maturity that almost looks as though it should be on the native tree list. It is actually from South East Europe and West Asia, having been introduced into the UK in 1582.

The leaves of this tree are a bright green and are broadly heart shaped, resembling that of Lime. During the early spring long, yellow catkins are produced, followed by clusters of nuts that are contained in frilly looking husks in the autumn time. 

The Turkish Hazels crowning feature is its rough, corky bark that becomes more distinguished as it matures.

Corylus colurna is a tough contender, performing well on all soils; including chalk and clay.  It has a wonderfully symmetrical pyramidal shape, starting upright and broadening with age.

In recent years, Turkish Hazel has been selected as the tree of choice for avenues, parkland and urban areas over Lime trees, as it does not suffer the aphid drip associated with some of the Tilia species and produces a wonderfully regular crown which is desirable for mass planting.

Mature Height: 20m+

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