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Corylus avellana zellernus on the rows of the Barcham trees nursery
A Medium sized specimen of Corylus avellana Zellernus
The pink catkins of Corylus avellan Zellernus
Corylus avellana Zellernus
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Corylus avellana Zellernus

Red Filbert

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Corylus avellana Zellernus is a purple leaved variety of the popular Common Hazel Nut.

This super small tree has deep purple foliage that emerges in spring to contrast with the long pink catkins that develop throughout the winter period.

Like many purple leaved trees, the foliage gradually turns from deep purple to a dark green as it is exposed to the summer sun. Corylus avellana Zellernus has a rounded shape if left to its own devices.

At Barcham Trees we grow this tree as a multi-stem making it a perfect choice as a hedging plant and a great candidate for routine coppicing to maintain foliage coverage promote new shoots growth. The delicious Red Filbert nuts arrive in the autumn to produce a plentiful crop.

Corylus avellana Zellernus has a multitude of uses ranging from hedging and screening in gardens to making statements as individual specimens and are equally effective scattered in a hedgerow.

It is a great choice if the planting scheme requires all year round interest and rarely fails to delight with its constantly varying display of colour.

Like many purple leaved specimens, it contrasts well against a lighter coloured back drop.

Mature height: 3-5m

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Red Filbert
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