The creamy white flowers and foliage of Cornus controversa
The creamy white flowers and foliage of Cornus controversa
Cornus controversa at barcham trees
Cornus controversa foliage
Mature specimen of Cornus controversa
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Cornus controversa

Wedding Cake Tree

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Cornus controversa is a particularly stunning ornamental specimen tree that develops a layered type structure, similar to the tiers of a wedding cake. 

This interesting tree has elliptically shaped deep green foliage and broad clusters of creamy white flowers which emerge after the foliage in May. In the autumn small black fruits develop as the foliage turns to a deep purple-red.

Cornus controversa, the Wedding Cake tree, is so named due to the fact it develops a markedly tiered effect with definite layers of branches as it matures.

A consistent performer; this tree will tolerate most soil types.

A small to medium sized tree of broadly conical form at maturity which was imported from Japan and Korea in the 1880’s and won the Award of Merit in 1984. There is a simply wonderful specimen to view in Bath Botanic Garden.

Cornus controversa is an excellent choice for planting schemes which require architectural structure and as such this tree makes a magnificent centre piece.

Being small, it is suitable for gardens and has the benefit of offering a myriad of interest throughout the seasons.

Mature height: 3-7m

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Wedding Cake Tree
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