Cladrastis kentukea on the Barcham Trees nursery
Cladrastis kentukea on the Barcham Trees nursery
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Cladrastis kentukea


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Introduced from its native South Eastern USA in 1812, this lovey tree was given the Award of Merit in 1926 by the Royal Horticultural Society. Fragrant white flowers are produced in June, hanging in drooping panicles like a Wisteria. Compound alternate leaflets can accumulate to 25cm in length on the one stalk. Flowering can be hit and miss rather than consistent every year and is usually seen only on maturing specimens. It grows on most well drained soils, including acid and alkaline, but is better to prune, if needed, in the summer as the wounds tend to weep if pruned in the winter or spring. This makes a good urban tree or parkland / large garden specimen. Brown seed pods are produced in the autumn of a flowering year. Mature height: 7-12m

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