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Catalpa bignonoides Bungeii

Dwarf Indian Bean Tree

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This is a wonderful top grafted adaptation of its green leaved parent, producing a very globose rounded crown at maturity. When first produced it is the shape and size of a space hopper on a stem, without the horns! Perfect for restricted places such as tight urban streets and small gardens, it requires minimal maintenance.

Catalpa is often late to emerge in the spring, but it is in full foliage by July and looks great throughout the summer into autumn. It thrives on most well drained soils but its good to keep away from exposed sites, so the huge leaves do not bruise in summer winds. Pop across the channel into France and Holland, you will see this as a regular in many gardens, but it has never taken off over here to the same extent.

Mature height: 5-8m

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Dwarf Indian Bean Tree
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