Betula pendula Fastigiata leaves
Betula pendula Fastigiata leaves
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Betula pendula Fastigiata

Upright Birch

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Silver Birch is such an elegant native tree but can grow too large for a small garden. However, if space is an issue you don’t have to miss out on its silvery white bark and pretty leaves anymore! Betula pendula Fastigiata is well named, forming a dense column of green foliage that turns to yellow in the autumn. When the leaves drop its lovely bark colour is better revealed giving this small garden tree year round interest. Thriving on most well drained soils, this lovely clonal selection needs next to no maintenance and takes up very little lateral room in a small garden where space is at a premium. Even through Betula pendula Fastigiata is a small tree it will give you height, growing between 20 and 30 feet at maturity so if aligned carefully it can be a useful tree to cover privacy angles from on looking neighbouring windows. Mature height 7-12m

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