Betula papyrifera bark
Betula papyrifera bark
Betula papyrifera catkin
A grown Paper Birch tree at Barcham tree nursery
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A collection of Paper Birch trees at Barcham

Betula papyrifera

Paper Birch

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Betula papyrifera, commonly known as Paper Birch, made its debut in the UK in 1750. Initially, its bark exhibits a distinctive brown/red hue until it reaches a girth of 20-25cm, after which it begins to whiten significantly. Notably, this species is a pioneer in reclaiming areas ravaged by fire, showcasing its rapid colonisation abilities.

Renowned for its waterproof bark, Paper Birch held immense cultural significance for Native Americans, who utilised it for crafting canoes, wigwam covers, and even eating utensils.

As a medium to large tree with a conical habit, Paper Birch boasts striking white papery bark, extending its colour high into the canopy. During autumn, its foliage transforms into a captivating yellow, adding to its seasonal allure. In spring, the tree adorns itself with delicate yellowish-brown male flowers in drooping catkins, alongside greenish female flowers in upright catkins, culminating in drooping cone-like fruits containing numerous small, winged seeds after pollination.

This resilient plant requires minimal maintenance, with pruning best reserved for the dormant season to avoid disrupting sap flow. Its elegance finds a perfect setting in parks, where it thrives in various soil conditions, preferring moist, well-drained sandy soil but showing tolerance to diverse environments.

Mature height: 12-17m

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