Betula ermanii catkins in detail
Betula ermanii catkins in detail
Bark of the Betula ermanii on our nursery
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Betula ermanii

Erman's Birch

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Like all Birch, this species is notable for its attractive bark, which is peeling and creamy in colour tinged with pink. The bright green, heart shaped leaves are always the first to emerge in the spring at Barcham and are the first to fall in the autumn, turning a bright and clear yellow before they fall.

This tree retains a tidy, conical, pyramidal shape as it matures if the central leader is retained, making it a super urban tree as it requires very little maintenance and also tolerates reflective heat and light.

Betula ermanii is an elegant and vigorous medium to large tree which, like most Birch trees this tree is a consistent performer and will tolerate most soil types.

The Dutch clone Betula ermanii Holland is more regular in shape and tends to be favoured over the species, but it is often listed without the cultivar name.

Betula ermanii is useful for any project which requires winter interest or architectural uniformity. It can be effectively planted as a single specimen, or in groups to show off the pretty coloured stem.

Mature height: 7-12m

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Erman's Birch
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