The flowers of the Angelica Tree
The flowers of the Angelica Tree
Mature Aralia elata
The leaves of Aralia elata
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating
A row of medium-sized Aralia elata at Barcham

Aralia elata

Angelica Tree

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Aralia elata, commonly referred to as Angelica Tree, was introduced to Britain in the 1830s from its native Japan. It won the Award of Merit in 1959 and the Award of Garden Merit in 2002.

A remarkably odd-looking tree is wonderfully exotic in foliage but can be compared to a clothes hanger without its suit in winter as virtually everything falls off the plant to leave a few main thorny branches.

As we mainly dispatch in autumn, it may require a leap of faith from those customers who tagged their trees in the summer!

Aralia elata is a small rounded tree remarkable for its very large doubly pinnate leaves produced mainly in a “ruff” towards the tips of its stems. The foliage often gives vivid and luminous autumn colour coinciding with its extraordinary stunning display of white panicle flowers.

Due to its compact size and striking features, it is highly recommended for planting in parks, botanical gardens, and landscape gardens to accentuate its beauty and provide a captivating focal point.

Mature height: 5-10m

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Angelica Tree
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