Semi-mature Acer saccharinum Pyramidale in parkland
Semi-mature Acer saccharinum Pyramidale in parkland
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Acer saccharinum Pyramidale

Silver Maple Pyramidale

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As the name suggests, Acer saccharinum Pyramidale is a Silver Maple cultivar which has a broadly pyramidal form at maturity. Like other species in the Acer Genus, this cultivar exhibits the lobed leaves which are characteristic to Maples, they are deeply divided and toothed at the end with a silver appearance to the underside of the leaf due to the presence of tiny downy hairs. 

The leaves of this cultivar are noted to be smaller than that of the species. Acer saccharinum Pyramidale was introduced back in the 1880’s, where the heavy, very upright branches were attractive for use in avenues and parkland due to the uniformity of the shape. 

Generally this Silver Maple Pyramidale will grow on most soils and whilst it is vigorous like other Acer saccharinum in its class, it only grows about half as wide as it is tall.

This Silver Maple is a useful selection for planting schemes that need some colour or textural contrast to a traditional sea of green setting.

Mature height: 17-22m

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Silver Maple Pyramidale
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