Mature Acer pseudoplatanus Negenia planted in a village
Mature Acer pseudoplatanus Negenia planted in a village
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Carbon Rating

Acer pseudoplatanus Negenia

Negenia Sycamore

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Acer pseudoplatanus Negenia, known as the Negenia Sycamore, was developed in the 1940s in the Netherlands as a uniform urban clone of Sycamore. Its dark green leaves are held on red stalks and its toughness even lends itself to coastal and exposed areas.

Without Sycamore and its clonal selections parts of the Lake District would be devoid of a tree scape! A large tree of imposing broad habit, Acer pseudoplatanus Negenia thrives on most soils and is particularly effective for avenue planting.

As a word of caution, recent research has identified the foliage and samara of Sycamore to be poisonous to horses and therefore they should not be planted in and around paddocks.

Mature height: 17-22m

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Negenia Sycamore
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