Medium sized Acer platanoides Peters Proud
Medium sized Acer platanoides Peters Proud

Acer platanoides Peters Proud

Norway Maple

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Acer platanoides 'Peters Proud', also known as Norway Maple, is a highly distinctive cut-leaf variety that thrives on most soils. Discovered by a Dutch Nurseryman as a sport of Acer platanoides, its leaves are deeply cut, resembling ferns, and transition to a striking autumnal display of yellow and orange before falling.

This maple flourishes in both full sun and partial shade, making it adaptable to various landscape settings.

It reaches heights exceeding 12 meters and spreads more than 8 meters wide, making it ideal for parks, streets, and large gardens where it provides dappled shade, offering relief from the hot summer sun.

Known for its minimal pruning requirements, 'Peters Proud' maintains a natural, attractive form with little intervention, enhancing its appeal throughout the year.

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Norway Maple
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