Acer platanoides Fairview foliage
Acer platanoides Fairview foliage
Scaled image of Acer platanoides Fairview size Medium
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Acer platanoides Fairview

Fairview Norway Maple

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Acer platanoides Fairview is a tough newcomer to our Norway Maple range and is derived from a seedling of ‘Crimson King’. Like the species, this tree has discrete yellow flowers that appear in spring and contrast fantastically with the deep red foliage as the leaves first emerge; they gradually harden to a bronze colour by late summer.

Acer platanoides Fairview is extremely useful as an urban tree, as not only is it extremely tolerant of most soil conditions, air pollution and drought, contrary to the species, it also has a very upright oval habit. Potentially this tree will only reach a diameter of 12m and a height of 15m tall. This tree is the narrowest variety of Norway Maple that we stock.

This medium sized tree is a tough performer and is useful in bringing colour to a scheme in a measured amount without becoming too overpowering at maturity. It is also a lovely choice for avenue planting.

Mature height: 12-17m

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Fairview Norway Maple
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