Semi-mature Acer platanoides Cleveland planted in the landscape
Semi-mature Acer platanoides Cleveland planted in the landscape
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Acer platanoides Cleveland

Norway Maple Cleveland

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Acer platanoides Cleveland is a variety of Norway Maple which has been in cultivation since 1948. This medium sized tree has large leaves which display the classic lobes of the Maple Genus, are dark green and give a super autumn display of golden yellows.

Acer platanoides Cleveland has an upright crown shape when young, which broadens out to oval at maturity.  Like other Norway Maples this is a tough variety, thriving on a wide range of soils and tolerating air pollution and drought. 

This tree is considered by arborists in the US as being one of the most suitable cultivars for street tree planting throughout America. As a garden or parkland tree, this species is a useful selection for schemes that require the dense coverage of foliage offered by a Norway Maple, without the pronounced spread that can be associated with the species and indeed other varieties of Acer platanoides.

Mature height: 7-12m

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Norway Maple Cleveland
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