Multi-stemmed Acer palmatum on our nursery in the autumn
Multi-stemmed Acer palmatum on our nursery in the autumn
Summer foliage of Acer palmatum multi-stem
Acer palmatum multi stem
Carbon Rating
Carbon Rating

Acer palmatum multi stem

Japanese Maple, Smooth Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum, known as the Japanese Maple, is an attractive tree that was introduced from Japan in the 1820’s. Acer palmatum is extremely common in the UK, with many different cultivars available for sale offering a wide range of attributes and features that complement the vivid autumn colour for which the species is renowned. 

Interestingly this Maple is the tree to which most people commonly refer when they are describing an “Acer” tree in general; it is of course one of many different types of species within the genus Acer. Japanese Maples are widely planted for their beautiful leaves, which are deeply lobed and, in this instance, emerge a vivid green and turn to shades of red, orange and yellow in autumn.

This small tree produces an oval shape at maturity and is best planted in free draining soils that are both moist and rich in nutrients.  Avoid planting in areas of direct, exposed sunlight or in exposed areas as this tree can suffer a little scorch or dieback, given such conditions.

Barcham grow Acer palmatum as a multi-stemmed bush, maximising the foliage present for autumn colour purposes, it is a must have for planting schemes that require glorious autumn impact.

Mature height: 3-7m

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Japanese Maple, Smooth Japanese Maple
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