Yellow autumn foliage of Acer campestre
Yellow autumn foliage of Acer campestre
Seed pods which adorn Field Maple through the winter
Mature Acer campestre planted in a residential area
Scaled image of Acer campestre size Medium
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Acer campestre

Field Maple, Common Maple

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Acer campestre is a useful small to medium sized tree which is native to England. Interestingly in the Middle ages it was used for making musical instruments. It has gnarly bark which develops as it matures and in the autumn, the leaves turn yellow, orange and golden brown.

Acer campestre is tolerant of most soil types, although it does do best in rich, well drained soils. As with many of the native trees, it is a tough contender and will tolerate drought, air pollution and soil compaction.

The Field Maple, Acer campestre, is widely used throughout the UK as a hedgerow plant and as such will tolerate regular pruning during the winter period to keep it in shape. It has good ecological qualities making it useful to wildlife. Barcham produce a number of other cultivars of the Field Maple which are more regular in crown shape such as Acer campestre Elsrijk, Queen Elizabeth and Louisa Redshine which should be selected if you are looking for uniformity in your project with little maintenance.

This tree is extremely versatile; it makes a nice rounded tree for parklands, but can also be a welcome addition to suburban gardens. If you are looking for a native, medium sized tree, with a little more in the way of ornamental qualities, check out the Acer campestre Louisa Redshine.

Mature height 7-12m

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Field Maple, Common Maple
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