Tips on Insect Damage

Depending on the life cycle of the pest, most insect damage explodes into life in the spring and early summer. Aphids, caterpillars, leaf suckers and weevils all need leaves to sustain them and all work in balance with nature. Trees are insects food source so don’t worry about a bit of leaf nibbling as this may reward you with lovely butterflies to admire the following year!

If you feel your tree is getting well and truly hammered with insect damage we would recommend the spraying with the systemic insecticide ‘Provado’, available form most garden sundry retailers. But beware; there is a natural balance between pests and the animals that predate on them so if you use an insecticide you will take out both sides, for example aphid and ladybird alike. Only use when the pest is out of hand, otherwise trust to Mother Nature!


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