Meet the team

Mike Glover, Managing Director

Mike has been with Barcham for over 20 years now, although he does not like to confess this too readily as it does give away his age a little!  He is passionate about raising, growing, selling and planting trees and has a vast wealth of knowlege at his fingertips!  Whilst he is not generally on hand each day, he is available to the team for difficult queries and advice and of course is available to make site visits; you may just find that he will be on the end of an Instant Chat message from time to time!


Ellen Carvey, Retail Sales Manager

Ellen has been with Barcham since 2005; joining as an Environmental Sciences university graduate who had very little knowledge of trees.  She has since made up for this lack of knowlege and over the last 10 years has gained good working knowledge of trees and their functions and suitability for different sites. Ellen is available for advice on the telephone, email and on Instant Chat, she is also available to book for nursery and site visits.  Since starting at Barcham Ellen has completed a Foundation Degree in Arboriculture and Masters in Business Administration.


Jules Baird, Retail Sales Executive

Jules has been with Barcham Trees for most of the last 12 years, with a short break in the middle to explore alternate avenues.  Thankfully for Barcham, Jules' true passion is rooted well in trees and she could not stay away for very long!  Jules has extensive knowlege of trees that she has gained whilst at Barcham and is extremely experienced in providing advice on suitability and compatibility of trees for specific projects and gardens. Jules is a master of providing an excellent nursery tour and exemplary customer service, so you know you are in good hands if you are coming to the nursery to make your choices in person!


Jodie Southgate, Retail Sales Assistant

Jodie joined us in July 2015 and has taken to trees like a duck to water! She does a lot of the administrational duties needed for the day to day running of this website such as order processing, tagging trees and showing clients around the nursery to formulate their choices. She is generally the first person who picks up the phone when you ring Barcham!


Alex Gilroy, Retail Sales Assistant

Alex joined us in October 2012 and joined the retail sales team two years later before learning his trees in the despatch and production departments. He selects trees for our ‘Buy the tree you see’ range and spends much of his time putting his experience to good use by showing clients around the nursery and selecting their trees. Alex knows the nursery like the back of his hand and is always happy to take photos for clients when out and about.


We are all on hand to help guide you through your tree purchasing process, we strive to not only help our customers make the right decisions about their tree planting, but also to ensure that they enjoy the experience, from selection, right through to delivery and planting!  Starting with this website!  We hope you enjoy your visit, and if there is anything that we can help you with, please do not hesitate in contacting the sales team above.