PreviousNext Acer pseudoplatanus Leopoldii, size Medium, on our nursery
Acer pseudoplatanus Leopoldii, size Medium, on our nursery
Acer pseudoplatanus Leopoldii, size Medium, on our nursery
Cream and green foliage of Acer pseudoplatanus Leopoldii
Semi-mature Acer pseudoplatanus Leopoldii planted in the landscape
Medium Variegated Sycamore, Sycamore Leopoldii from this batch
Acer pseudoplatanus Leopoldii sample video

Acer pseudoplatanus Leopoldii

Variegated Sycamore, Sycamore Leopoldii

Estimated fully grown height 17-22m

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How big are Barcham trees?


How big are Barcham trees?


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Product Details

This cultivar of Sycamore has pretty variegated foliage which emerges splashed with pink and yellow, turning more green/cream as the summer progresses. It is particularly stunning in the period from spring to early summer, when the contrast of the foliage is the most striking.

Acer pseudoplatanus Leopoldii has all of the wonderfully tough and vigorous qualities of its parent, Acer pseudoplatanus, with the added benefit that it has much to offer by way of ornamental qualities in its bright and vibrant foliage. It thrives in most soil conditions and is particularly useful in very windy, exposed and coastal conditions as Sycamore is one of the very few trees that will tolerate salt-laden winds and this variety also displays this stellar quality.

It is a medium to large tree of rounded habit at maturity which was introduced in the early 1860’s and unlike some other variegated trees does not suffer from reverting back to green foliage over time. There are very few varieties of tree that offer the benefit of being tolerant to coastal conditions, so this tree is perfect for schemes in an exposed or coastal location with the added benefit that it can offer unique ornamental foliage. It is a welcome alternative to the handful of other trees which will tolerate salt.

It is a spectacular medium to large sized, rounded headed, variegated tree which does not suffer from reversion to green over time like many other variegated trees. In the industry the Sycamore has acquired a slightly tarnished reputation for being a weed, largely owing to its significant vigour and penchant for self seeding, however it is foolish to discount this dramatic coloured cultivar, especially in schemes situated in exposed or coastal areas and species choice is limited.

As a word of caution, recent research has identified the foliage and samara of Sycamore to be poisonous to horses and therefore they should not be planted in and around paddocks.

Mature height: 17-22m

Tree Specification

Tree Location
Coastal, Parkland,
Mature Height
Blossom Colour
Foliage Colour
Looks good in
Fruit & Nut
Soil Type
Well drained, Will tolerate most soil types,
Autumn Colour
Good for waterlogged soil
Pleached Tree

Planting Video

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